Interim manager, a long established profession

Interim manager, a long established profession

Few people are aware of this: the system of interim management developed in the UK and the Netherlands in the 80s, before spreading to the rest of Europe, and more particularly Belgium, where this type of activity is growing. But the concept originated earlier.

According to historians, Interim Management originated in antiquity, when the Roman army contracted publicans to oversee building works and organizing supplies.

Interim Management as we know is a concept of Anglo-Saxon origin. In the 80s, it became increasingly commonplace for companies in Europe (and particularly in the Netherlands) to temporarily call on high level experts to carry out specific assignments.

According to a survey conducted by the Federgon federation, over 85 % of companies currently have a positive image of interim management, and 93 % state that they are ready to use such services in the future. There are many opportunities ripe for the plucking for those who are still hesitant about taking the step towards interim management.