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de Montjoye o.

 Kraainem | Belgium




Operations Management

General Operations Management

Mergers & Acquisitions


New Business Development

Change Management


Crisis Management



Board of Director experience


Finance Director


Financial Controlling

Contract Negotiation

Business Strategy
Managerial Finance
Due Diligence
Internal Controls
Risk Management
Business Process
Commercial Awareness
Commercial Real Estate Management
Commercial Real Estate Developement



Commercial Real Estate



Interim Services




Performance Management




Mother tongue




Machinery & Equipment

Construction & Real Estate




Banking & Insurance


Elaboration of a global diagnostic. Elaboration of a restructuration plan. Search for funds in the context of a company in difficulties. • Preparation of a complete file with solicitation of intervention of SOGEPA. • Set up of a monthly treasury plan. • Assistance in the preparation of the judicial reorganization through transfer of assets under judicial supervision. • Negotiation of commercial contract with certain economic partners. Elaboration of a new business plan in the frame of the judicial reorganization. Negotiation with potential investors for partial activity takeover.
Support to CFO
In a M&A context • Modelism of cashflow for financing purposes for the SOGEPA. • Take over daily finance operations in a M&A context. • Supervise accurate and timely production of annual accounts. • Supervise team of 5 accountant/controller.
CFO ad interim
• Review & feedback on business case. • Setting up a finance department • Setting up an HR department • Commercial negotiations with Carrefour Belgium. • Assistance in private equity due diligence process. • Guidance for various aspects of the ERP implementation o Accounting interfaces o Set up of electronic invoicing with Carrefour.
CFO - Board Member
Together with the Managing Directors and the Sales Directors I was an active player within the core team that enable the company to enjoy a tremendous recovery from a disastrous situation and contributed to further develop the business into a more than 100 mio EUR turnover entity with more than 500 employees. I enjoyed periods of heavy growth as well as several restructuration periods. Here below are listed areas of responsibilities: • Finance Accounting & Tax o Responsible for the proper accounting as per accounting rules (be gaap and uk gaap), corporate tax and VAT rules. o Deal with Authorities Inspectors (Corporate Tax & VAT). o Supervise local accounting team (4 FTE) and close relation with 4 FTE at SSC UK/Portugal. • Finance Controlling o Supervision of 1 Financial Controller o Perform and then supervise the monthly closing o Perform and coordinate the budget process. o 3 year plans • Ensure issues are highlighted as appropriate • Ensure financial aspects are considered in all major decisions • Property Development o Responsible for the entire property lease portfolio from start to end including negotiation with landlords for the 45 added shops in last 5 years and the lease renewal process. o Heavily involved in lease contacts wording and negotiation. o Supervise one Property Manager performing on field. • Insurance Department & Customer Support o In 2008 received the responsibility of operations & commercial aspects of the insurance business that is a tremendous important element of the profitability of the business. About 8 FTE. o At the same time the head of Customer support reported to me with a team of 12 FTE. • Legal o Being the contact person for all aspects involving legal aspects and manage the layers implication as there was no internal legal department. o Almost all contracts were reviewed if not co-edited by myself. o Heavily involved in contract negotiation and wording with major supplier as Proximus/Belgacom, Mobistar, Carrefour… • Finance Operations & Global Risk Management o Manage areas like property and insurance, banking, treasury costs and the relation with the finance related suppliers. o Perform and coordinate the annual group risk matrix analysis. • Internal Audit (Loss prevention) o Supervise Loss prevention Manager (+2 FTE) o Ensure proper procedures in stores are issued and followed o Minimize stock & cash losses as well as commission leakage and fraud. • Supervision of HR Department (until Jan 2008 before recruitment of a HR Director) o Mainly involved in people management and financial aspects of HR department. • ICT Department o Received the responsibility in 2009 of the supervision of the ICT department for the operationnal and HR aspects (3 FTE). o Involved in the financial aspects of all group or local IT infrastructure programs validation.
Senior European Corporate Auditor
· Performance of due diligence on recently acquired large full service leasing company. · Assessment of the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls over financial and operational processes and risk management to support corporate business objectives. · Issuance of high quality reports to US headquarters and senior management including recommendations for process improvements to address business risks. · In depth investigation of operation’s financial statements for both GMAC banks and full service leasing companies. · Position involving constant travel all over Europe.


 Academic bachelor (3y) + Master (1 or 2y) (old: Higher Education Long Type)


Martine (Business consultant innovative projects)

very high efficency and excellent interpersonal skills. pleasant and nice people to work with.


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