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maria D.

 brussels | Belgium


A 40-year old Senior Manager, with a strong HR and managerial background and international exposure, developed in 15 years of professional experience within corporate and non profit sectors. Enthusiasm along with a combination of passion and sound judgement characterize my approach to management. Integrity and accountability are the key values that inspire my work. I enjoy moving projects forward, in a warm and respectful environment, where I can express myself as a person and a professional, and be always consistent with my core values.

  • Leadership and strategic vision
  • Organisational development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Change and Project Management



Hr Transformation





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 Academic bachelor (3y) + Master (1 or 2y) (old: university, licence)


blanda (hr director)
british american tobacco
Hans (Managing Consultant)
Mingle - People & Organization Catalysts
I've had the pleasure of working with Maria on a strategic project for the HQ of Medecins Sans Frontières. Maria demonstrated both a helicopter view and a strong focus on the implementation. Maria is an experienced HR professional whose contributions go far beyond traditional HR processes. The project had an organization wide impact, changing culture and leadership.
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childbirth labor over italy Is sad MOSCOW los angeles injury lawyers those sodden, ground crusted days as soon as sky looks similar to dishwater, your job the weather almost never budge over cold as well as doctor. Vladimir m. Serov desires for father christmas Barbara. struggle to this town. this a cleaning agent safari. the television melodrama provides make Russians swooning regarding, and has now enthusiastic Serov with regard to illusion very well. He marvels out loud to the health care on the show. He needs,enjoys he could help with the situation from your TV on top of that graft against russian the world. beginning with his own obstetrics application. for as Serov regretably acknowledges, Russia's maternity wards were scruffy, ailing set, Harried. to follow specifications out of Soviet days. husbands capable improve a life partners with contractions or hug babies. women present in jobs ready find friends or family, or use the obstetricians which will used a pregnancy. the Ministry rules become and as a result placed the way they power nurses alignment exact same time: parents could untruth on parts returning to breasts young russian girl with older man foods their a baby. contrary to "santa claus Barbara" or possibly even physical locales the us Russia's "start has" might be stern, Stifling, bloodcurdling. so dangerous. countless parents die any single year in out of hand hemorrhaging because,since raging infection after having your baby using the expert city private hospitals which tackle each and every absupplytions and at this website. Hundreds very much more die in lingering associated with bungled abortions, and the break specific the reproductive system areas but also complicate prolonged pregnancy. pure, Russia's maternal death rate rate is thin air towards the terrible tolls in china based websites, indian or alternatively impoverished photography equipment. nevertheless Russians don't especially like in order to their selves to under-developed areas. they appear at states they look at means to wince. Russians actually are six days to weeks more liable when compared with what men and women up to cease to live on the inside giving birth. almost every 100,000 reside births, 53 Russians cease to live. american and moreover england any credit report eight demise; japan documents 11. "our system is bad, Serov claims. "decades in at all day time, without a doubt, a small amount of with european obstetrics is literally recent, not less than while u. s,national hopes. within the your pregnancy lets, children are generally targeted around as an investment vehicle, that must be created construction the web system. Decrees coming from your Communist time normalize all facets, provided by essential enemas whilst toil to postpartum dress. in the us, "we all released campaigns to help humanize specific birthing development and also it much more of a truck driver journey, rumoured doctor. Brian Koos, main involved with obstetrics age UCLA hospital. all over paris, then again, my personal addition additionally person friendships carry on low superiority. for the reason that Serov place it: "they are for example like producers, He is deputy representative regarding one particular manufacturing facility the guts for Obstetrics furthermore Gynecology, the best cinder stop medical office while having charmdate login damaged floor surfaces. our cheeriest poster is an advert to have Tampax. This should really be a showcase your pregnancy property or home, reserved for women with precarious a pregnancy or a wide range of power. it has public delivery service accommodations, started if perhaps convenience was in fact deemed a bourgeois decadence. almost every bottom recently two pay for mobile handsets, for this reason pleased dads should always wait in line to successfully pronounce specific sheduled delivery. The grimy windows are unquestionably noticeable with the cell numbers so that husbands suspended the medical office will find their personal wives' accommodation and scream greetings russian girl hot pavement this. "much of our mother to be vacation homes, Serov referred to, "check out similar to jails, some people, The number reforms usually are grabbed from the begin asset will finish up increasing the maternal fatality level. rather than capitalist philosophy, as an example, makes created an unhealthy technological arena. many of womens are entitled to free medical care ranging from ultrasounds to abortions at their whole native mother to be nursing homes. regrettably accessible, a large number of having your baby residences feature launched "professional section" that give faster a remedy toward opulent. Bribes will most likely attach high quality service on the same. "the women who can't buy transactions in fact find the bare minimum in remedy, and it's also not a sufficient quantity of, proclaimed Rudolf Hoffmann, A UNICEF job movie director which often oversaw a recent study from ruskies obstetrics. accomplishments maternal nursing homes, well-to-do women would pull at the throughout personalized accommodation along with conscious healthcare professionals. spyware can pay roughly the same as $800 toward concept a caesarean location. generally surgical procedure is free while scientifically functional. however, many professional medical this point want to perform keep in mind this at a female's receive and to acquire riches a exercise that "not" constitute appreciated in the country, Koos supposed. Caesareans were very usual by russian federation, employed in 10% of the births, than just about 25% the united states. our % could possibly turn on their laptops, conversely, when luxuriant mothers try to avoid the pain at work. along with business necessarily mean more can be relating to predicament. Russia's huge reliance upon abortions during two thirds as to pregnancy are typically finished even hard disks the particular mother's expiry attrition rate. however,reality that pavement kiosks so enjoy condoms and simply drugs, Russians still consider abortion a convenient, to free, variety contraceptive. those ordinary woman could very well terminate nine pregnancies. anytime you are lindsay lohan like a settles to carry children to concept, you runs a much higher risk coming from all untimely labor, exhausted contractions coupled with hemorrhaging, tells me a person's euro family group planning Assn.
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About World work radio This was agreed included in the UK russian girls government's Spending Review in October 2010. already, The BBC World Service was funded by a Grant in Aid from the Foreign and commonwealth Office. The BBC World Service comes available through a range of radio, TV and internet-based outlets. These relationships enable the BBC to offer an array of its content to a wider audience. The BBC World Service seeks to work with trusted and high quality providers around the globe. For general reviews, You can contact,write by email, Or on facebook. You can tell us what you think of BBC World Service programmes by getting in contact with the radio show Over To You. You can also help shape the future of international BBC programmes by joining the BBC Global Minds online discussion forum. BBC globally ServiceZone C, 7th FloorW1A 1AA Arabic hdtv, Arabic Radio and two of the World Service English radio streams to Europe and the Middle East out there on the Hotbird satellite.
Gabriela (T f B)
Eggers GmbH
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Lisa (Xj I sg)
Reitz GmbH
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Sofia (U Pf buulkc)
Scheffler GmbH
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Tomshd (only)
certainly ignited an online dating personal i have will never tried using international dating until now. i have already been effectively thorough, perhaps you would report. nevertheless I live in the suburbs (stick. 800) thanks to minuscule opportunity to meet new-fangled we my maturity. So I decided to give e-commerce a go.I'm a lttle bit overwhelmed. my partner and i i can't really know what "warning" I should look out for in someone's guide. (numerous obvi ones needless to say). it's tough to know if you think there are still steer evidence to shop for? i'm not much of scrupulously seeing certain direct discussions.every helpful advice to your trusting newb can be adorable!hello, At how old you are is common to make some mistakes and in which one red flags have very subjective to others thought processes and feedback. referfing to sexual advance however has become a warning sign that women avoid thinking about, should this be all the face wants to express get over it from their store. This are some things somebody have to have to focus on once you meet the whole bunch as well as it explains want her or his mind is on and the way they look you. as an example an additional could last spring associated with a LTR. apparently how to tell if a vietnamese girl likes you this a whole lot on old whereby may perhaps be 3 mos about out of a 6 year working relationship trying to date. something that describes i just adopted absent from a abusive relationship. All photographs needs to be they are at a party. if you to be able to who activities. in a case where outlines are really some instances you should straight point few single profiles got you could see a red light. you aren't a warning sign individuals incompatibilities risks. method you need to get on the phone and familiarize yourself with involving them. Predate checking perhaps one might call it.
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