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Bachmann C.

 Kain | Belgium




My realizations are based on respectful people management, meticulous P&L planning and tracking with strong “hands on” management.

To continue in this way as SME Responsible – Partner for the long term development




               SME with vertical integration



Complex situations

Coordination of great projects




Manage a strategic project.


               Plan                                   Vision – Strategy – Process – Creative approach

               Organize                         Actions – Process – Responsibilities - Indicators

               Control                             On the field – Costs – Drift and corrections - Lean & manufacturing

               Communicate              Situation – problems & solutions

               Develop                           Cooperation with Customers – Suppliers – R&D…

               Motivate                         With a “hands-on” approach – task forces – visual KPI



Organize a company after merge


               Plan                                    Vision – Target – Methods – Responsibilities - Means

               Organize                         Production – Security – Quality – Purchase – HR – Cost control

               Communicate              Situation – Problems & Solutions – with Unions

               Develop                           Management – Competences – Motivation – Businessman ship

                                                           Commercial – Company Image  - Marketing approach

               Control                             Set up of budgets – analytical follow-up (ABM)

               Coach                                Site Management Team

               Manage                            Change – Projects – Replacement of Key persons (if necessary)

               Motivate                         Willing to change




Local Sales Office
Small & Medium Enterprise
Business Process Reengineering
Company Take Over


Joint Ventures






Mother tongue







Chemistry / Parachemistry

Electronics / Electricity


Transport / Logistics

Audit & Consulting

Tourism & Leisure

Banking & Insurance




Real Estate investment in Tuscany - Holiday organization on Customer's demand
Manager for Excellence
Activity: Design, sales, and installation of kitchens. (Staff of 450 – 14.000 units / year) Mission: Project management – Excellence at all levels of sales to reduce costs and improve CSL. Set-up of 3 years costs reduction plan and well-defined actions
Top Class B&B (Real Estate investment) sold to the French actor Gerard Depardieu
Crisis manager - Plant Director
Manage the new organization of Factory (the most complex of the Group) Project management – launch from scratch of new production unit hydro soluble doses for Henkel Europe – Unilever Today, Mc Bride in Estaimpuis is the most important European doses producer
Crisis manager - Country manager
New organization of unit after merge Coordination of marketing approach to reinforce the image on the market (up to Senators level) Manage directly the authorizations to build a 36 MW solar plant in South of France Manage the downsizing (50% less people)
Change manager - Shop director
Coordinate the new sales approach Organization of shops after very poor CSL + cost reduction 30% Coordinate the project shop of the future and new export logistic
Crisis manager - Plant director
New organization after merge of a local company in Charleroi Manage directly the sales approach (+ 30%) Project management from scratch of a new sorting unit for domestic waste packaging 1.000.000 habitants


 Subsequent Master


Fabrice (Human Resources Director)
EGGO - Eurocenter
Bois De Villers, le 31 août 2012. Madame, Monsieur, Par la présente, nous attestons que Monsieur Christian BACHMANN a bien été occupé sous ‘convention de services’ par notre société, à savoir les services Administratifs et supports Logistiques de l’enseigne èggo, en tant que ‘Manager pour l’Excellence’. Dans le cadre de ses fonctions, Monsieur Bachmann a pris plus particulièrement en charge le développement Logistique et le département « Gestion centralisée des cuisines équipées » de l’enseigne èggo et à proposer toutes une série d’actions spécifiques visant la mise en place de nouvelles méthodes et procédures. L’expérience professionnelle de Monsieur Bachmann dans ce domaine d’activité est redoutable. Ses compétences sont multiples et sa connaissance de la gestion d’une entreprise est incontestable. Il a le souci du travail bien fait tout en alliant performance, efficacité et efficience. En outre, les valeurs humaines et personnelles véhiculées par Christian Bachmann sont unanimement appréciées par ses collègues de travail. Veuillez croire, Madame, Monsieur, en l’assurance de ma meilleure considération. Fabrice POLLET Directeur Ressources Humaines.
Marijke (HR Manager)
Lipton - Unilever
I consider Christian Bachmann as the most professional, motivated boss I ever had. It was a real pleasure to work with him. His qualities are integrity, honesty,hard worker,pro-activeness and immediate action when needed.Please feel free to contact me


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