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bruno b.

 Hasselt | Belgium


WHY  (I do what I do)


  • I love to let people grow

  • It inspires me that my passage changed their lives

    “Like replacing a small rock in a river; the flow of the river will never be the same”

  • I want their lives to be easier just by my mere presence

  • If people grow, organisations grow


    HOW (I do what I do)


  • By sharing my knowledge

  • By coaching them

  • By motivating them

  • By challenging them

  • By force them to think, to reflect

  • By silent empathy

  • By showing my passion and enthusiasm

  • By inspiring them

  • By being compassionate


WHAT (do I do)


  • Compassionately serve and lead people into purposeful lives in harmony with oneself and others

I am people-manager with a coaching leadership style and entrepreneurial spirit



AB Costing
Analytical Accounting
Balance Sheet
Cost Accounting
Fixed Assets
General Ledger
Petty Cash
Other GAAP
Management Consolidation
Balance Scorecards
Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)
Business Analysis
Financial Analysis
International Reporting
Investment Analysis
Inventory Control
Operating Expenditure (OPEX)
Performance Management
Procedure Analysis
Project Management
Strategic Planning
Tools Development
Variance Analyis
Working Capital Management
Business Process Reengineering
Close Down
Company Take-Overs
Company Valuation
Due Diligence
Reorganisation of Department
Review of Procedures
Set Up Department
Start Up
Work in Progress (WIP)
Reporting System
Internal Reporting
International Reporting
National Reporting
SAP All in one
SAP Business One
SAP Business Planning
SAP Financial Accounting
SAP Financial Analytics
Asset & Liability Management (ALM)
Cash Flow Management
Capital Expenditure
Capital/Invest Control
Risk Control & Management
Business Objects
Outlook Soft


Sarbanes Oxley (SOX)
Pricing Analysis
Transfer Pricing
External Reporting
JD Edwards
Debt Negociation





Mother tongue


Machinery & Equipment



Chemistry / Parachemistry

Construction & Real Estate



Transport / Logistics

Healthcare / Bodycare

Audit & Consulting

Banking & Insurance


Personal Coach to controlling department
Coaching of Controller on the personal level: Personal Development and becoming more effective thru coaching Coaching of Controller on the functional level: Quick fixes thru mentoring & Advise and provide good practices thru peer coaching Drive organization to financial consciousness by putting the Controlling Framework into the bigger perspective of Strategy, Mission & Vision (interaction with Sr. Team en 30 Department Heads)
Group Controller
o Sparring Partner CFO EMEA and support in overall responsibilities running the Finance Function EMEA wide Provide leadership to Controllers team
Team evaluation, restructuring and reorganization Refinancing of Company Working Capital improvement of 3M€ in 2 months Coordinate legal merger of two daughter companies Management reporting improvement Establish incentives framework Corporate Secretary & part of Board of Directors meetings
Advisor to Sr Team
o Change management/ Crisis Management Project in South-Africa (Cape Town, 6 months) o Stakeholders: GM South-Africa, International CFO & Controller, Corporate Controller, Corporate Internal Audit o Created awareness via workshops with management team and staff to obtain commitment with the result of being SOX Compliant within 3 months o Via a facilitating style explained, provided insights and supported staff step by step how to come to results utilizing tools and techniques o Results are casted in new processes and accompanied SOX Manual o Itron decided to execute Global Project based on Best Practice from South-Africa
Advisor to CFO
o Improving Business controlling Department (Processes and reporting
o Coaching and advising Management to redesign the Business Model, Focus on Contract negotiations, Establishing Controlling Mindset
Advisor to CFO
o Transformed accounting department towards Controlling department with focus on Business decision making o Coaching of accountants and controllers to become more independent and more deployable o Monthly Closing cycle moved from 6 days to 2,5 days in 4 months o Established Budget & Forecast processes leading to more insightful information and better decision making. Best budget practice according to HQ
Planning & reporting manager
o Leading the change from subsidy based public company towards private company thinking o Coaching & advising Management team in designing and implementing budget & control practices
o Established a new Working Capital Forecasting Tool and process with major improvement in cash flow control. Tool provided an excellent learning tool for Finance department with increased business acumen allowing becoming a better sparring partner for senior management o Coaching of Controller and accounting Manager. Controller is performing on higher level and is next in line to succeed current Financial Director. o Reorganized the Production & Procurement (P&P) department. After additional growth to 10 FTE with addition of Prepress & Editing, promotion of P&P manager under CEO to ensure better decision making, due to critical role within company
Finance manager
o Advised and executed divestiture of a loss-making unit (Data room, investor contacts, etc.) to a buyer better placed to create value due to superior market knowledge o Restructured & redesigned unit Business Model towards Profitability in conjunction with new investor-CEO (break-even by year end 2008). o Rebuilt financial department ensuring continuous cost control and process improvement (e.g. Licensing en Royalty reporting)
Planning & Reporting Manager
o Developed reporting schedules for new European division o Modelled the Financial impact of change management programmes in EMEA region
Project Manager
o Designed and implemented new costing concept worldwide and training SAP-COPA
European Finance Director
o Established Purchase Order and Inventory cycle count processes, o Solved all “Audit Attention Points”(internal control deficiencies) within 1 quarter o Received 3Q 2005 General Manager Award for Build Value. o Improved the monthly reconciliation process
International Group Controller
o Responsible for controlling of manufacturing entities in Belgium, UK, France, Poland, Germany, La Reunion, Egypt and China (Travel +/- 50%) o Established a uniform and consistent monthly reporting & financial model in all foreign hubs. (Migration from multiple Local language & Local GAAP reports towards IFRS) and all financial controllers trained. o Issuing procedures on reporting standards and internal control framework. o Loan Covenants reporting towards the RBS and Private Equity investor
Financial Controller
o Designed and operated of an integrated platform for reporting and analysis of Sales, CoGS, AR, AP, Inventory, Expense management. o Supported regional Capex Investigation, established internal controls leading to strengthened cash flow control, championed cash flow awareness building with management lead to the creation of European Project Team “Capex” o Supervised Full automation of Reporting process in line with Hyperion Reporting structure (75% time saving), designed and established New Management Reporting structure to match Senior Management responsibility. o Hyperion related Training of total European Finance Community
Staff Consultant
o Analysis and Y2K audit of the Cost Price System in Business Performance Measurement Practice as Staff Consultant for VRT (Broadcasting): o Designed Interfaces between SAP (FI/CO) and Hyperion Pillar (Budget software) for SECA (Oil Distributing): o Analysis and programming of reports and interfaces (EDI –IDOC), in the FI/CO a module for Vandemoortele NV (Food company) o Analyst of Payment Area of the billing system for Belgacom (Telecom
R&D Engineer
o Purchase and implementation of a total extrusion line for the production of rubber covered textile yarn. (Budget: 250k€.)
Coach/ Advisor
Provide strategic and financial direction using a Proven Control Framework


 Professional Degree


Warson (Accounting Manager)
Plantyn Publishing
Bruno brings to his work enthusiasm, broad experience in a variety of different areas such as accounting, controlling, finance and management, and a rigorous business approach. He has the correct mindset to work in a competitive environment and he is able and willing to look beyond his given task, he is open to suggestions and brings creative solutions to the table in order to get the job done without loosing track of his priority : doing the best he can for the company he is working for.
James (chppkutepz)
Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?
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