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Samantha M.

 Bristol | United Kingdom


After contributing to the growth and success of a number of organisations, I am seeking new challenges with a company that need an individual with exceptional leadership, management and strategic capabilities. My skill set allows me to take command of the people and culture journey, and then guide it to new levels in terms of performance whilst remaining aligned to the strategy in terms of growth and success.

As evidenced in my resume my experience spans industries and encompasses large scale operations, leadership coaching, strategic planning and people potential, alongside the HR agenda. My intuitive knack for creating unique solutions designed to yield maximum capability is coupled with enduring support mechanisms that have become the distinctive trademark that I have transplanted successfully in each of my assignments. Proactive management of the crucial relationships has allowed me to release the potential within the workforce and thus created greater synergy across the revenue streams, therefore delivering exceptional customer experience. I have been instrumental in building successful business’ from inception to multiple geography sites and on into pioneering teams where amplifying and propagating best practices has gained maximum returns.






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Information Technology

Audit & Consulting

Apparel & Fashion

Tourism & Leisure

Banking & Insurance


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