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lorenzo b.

 thionville | Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


  • ☞  Budgets control P&L, reporting, annual reports
    Due Diligence - Private assets management- Member dof executive boards and councils Consolidation of subsidiaries - Recovery and restructuring before return in the prosperity

  • ☞  Management of the human and social Relations– Research and permanent development of talents

  • ☞  Technical coordination of poles of profits- Direction of the SEHQ policies

    Technical watch and management of the innovation - Change management – Transition Manager

  • ☞  Consumer Relationship Management CRM – Development of customer loyalty major accounts

    clientele - Relation with partners, suppliers, subcontractors

  • ☞  Decision-makers' support in their sensitive operations:

    Administrative Support - Studies - Commercial and institutional Representation 

    • >  International follower and regular traveler

    • >  Constant evolution in the experience of variable size structures driving up to trans-functional Organizations

    • >  Methodology, discernment and maturity in the conservation of the confidentiality of files

    • >  Living in very demanding environments: Steel industry, Public works and Building, Transport and

      logistics in industry, Dealing, sale, renting and maintenance of Public Works and handling

      equipment, Public and private medical environment

    • >  Adaptability to a world in movement:

      Decisions process accelerator: « GLOCAL » = GLObal & LOCAL 



Company Valuation
Due Diligence




Mother tongue



Audit & Consulting


director europe
board member
general manager
operations and development care


 Subsequent Master



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