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Jeremy S.

 Antwerp | Belgium


Proficient international CFO/FD located in Antwerp with experience in:

  • Systems analysis, design and implementation
  • Credit control and debt recovery
  • Financing and re-financing
  • Profile and Business Plan preparation
  • Turning around troubled subsidiaries
  • Restructuring Balance Sheets

I started my career as a fast-track accountant in the Department of Education in London, where I developed excellent communication skills applying my accounting knowledge as an accounting adviser to various government departments.

Then I spent 11 years in Israel working in a the fast paced and commercially oriented hi-tech economy moving from corporate controller to consulting with a few years as a CEO/CFO of a dynamic telecoms company.

In 2003 I moved to Antwerp for family reasons and worked in two international diamond companies. First in Dali Diamond where I:

  • Lead financial restructuring and reporting of the Group and compliance with various ethical, legal and contractual requirements of rough diamond suppliers such as De Beers;
  • Designed an implemented an international tax efficient structure;
  • Engineered the turnaround of a troubled jewellery subsidiary in the US and implemented an ERP;
  • Implemented IFRS across the group and prepared a standards’ compliance system;
  • Initiated and executed the takeover and establishment of companies that increased sales by 60%.
  • Founder and Editor of Diamond Finance journal


The I moved on to the larger Windiam were I:

  • Managed team of 8 across five countries involving recruiting team-members, debt collection, tax limitation, audit, financial and management reporting, insurance, banking and corporate presentations;
  • Designed and implemented a new accounting software system which generated accurate and meaningful management information;
  • Established new offices and restructured two group companies which were in disarray;
  • Identified departments for closure and coached managers to understand financial information.




Financial Audit
Special Missions
Financial Analysis
Performance Management
Project Management
Variance Analyis
Credit Collection
Credit Control International
Credit Control National
Credit Insurance
Credit Management Procedures
Close Down
Company Take-Overs
Due Diligence
Set Up Department
Start Up
Accounting ERP
Finance ERP
Reporting System
International Tax
External Reporting
Internal Reporting
Insurance Risk


SAP Financial Accounting



Mother tongue








Audit & Consulting

Apparel & Fashion


Group CFO
Managed International team for large diamond company
Accounting & Finance for international diamond company
Fast moving telecoms company in Israel
Due Dilligence and Business Development Firm
Controller and in-house accountant in Israeli Mac software company
Accounting Advisor
UK Government department


 Professional Degree


Ziv (Financial Risk Management)
Aon Israel
I have known jeremy for many years and worked with him on a number of different assignments. He is conscientious and has a good grasp of issues. What impressed me most was his ability to understand problems as they arise, and to find timely and cost-effective solutions.
suzy (CEO)
Family Financial Advisor
To whom it may concern RE: Jeremy Sulzbacher I have worked with Jeremy for the last few years as an external financial and marketing consultant for my family financial advice business. He insights were spot-on and he knows how take full advantage of technologies. His willingness to run that extra mile for his client sets him apart from the rest. I highly recommend working with him. Suzy Kahati Family Financial Advisor
Arye (Systems Itegration Manager)
Software AG
I would recommend Jeremy as a very skilled and devoted manager, who understands what makes businesses tick, how they grow. Just as important, he knows what information a business requires in order to function and to grow and how to extract it from their databases. When I worked with him, I particularly appreciated his integrity, professionalism and pleasant working manner.
Alexander Ellinson (director)
Voiceserve Limited UK
To Whom It may Concern, I know Jeremy Sulzbacher for a few decades and have retained him as a consultant on a few occasions. His advise was exceptional especially when we needed creativity to solve some corporate issues. His approach, which was methodical, imaginative and resourceful, solved our problems and Jeremy made sure that there were no loose ends. We always knew we could always rely on his discretion. He certainly has tremendous experience within the corporate environment, and his skills developed over the years create the platform to be a highly recommended executive.
zichron (CEO)
Sequoia Real Estate Properties Ltd
I have worked with Jeremy both as a colleague and using him as a consultant. In all cases his professionalism and integrity impressed me. He has a quick grasp of difficult accounting and technological issues and I can strongly recommend him.
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