Five Rules to keep up with the professional world

Five Rules to keep up with the professional world

As the phenomenon of “job hopping” is generalizing itself with the massive arrival of Millenials on the job market, it becomes interesting to know how to remain attractive to recruiters, above all when you’re no longer that young.

According to a survey conducted by the magazine Forbes, the professionals who change from jobs every three years will earn within their career 50% more than the ones who work all their career long in the same company. That is to say that what has been considered as a sign of instability in the past is nowadays considered as normal. The most innovative companies even consider the idea of jumping from one challenge to another as something positive. Indeed, newcomers are thought to be more creative as they’re outside of their comfort zone and must immediately perform in order to contribute to the company’s results.

The question remains to know how a professional can remain attractive to recruiters his whole career in a world in which technological changes happen more and more rapidly.

Barbara Mistick, the author of a book called “Stretch: How to Future-Proof Yourself for Tomorrow’s Marketplace” explains five rules one should follow to stay at the top of its profession.


1. Keep up to date

You should keep up to date with everything that happens in your professional field through all information sources available (books, conferences, magazines, the internet).


2. Three-year check-up

Just like doctors, it is important to make sure that the skills and the adaptation to the most recent innovations in your field of activity are still up-to-date.


3. Avoid the self-satisfaction trap

It is important to continuously try to develop your expertise and to avoid stagnation at a certain stage of your career. One way to do it is to take on projects where you will need to learn new techniques and different ways of doing things.


4. Stay out of your comfort zone

Making sure you’re ready for the future involves doing things, you don’t necessarily want to do or things you’re not sure you’re capable of doing.


5. Secure a digital professional availability

The evolution of every career involves nowadays having your profile available on the social networks or any other relevant digital platform. The idea is to present yourself as a specialist in your field, which is even more crucial for interim managers.