The Interim Manager: A Communicative and Creative Human Being

The Interim Manager: A Communicative and Creative Human Being

The digital revolution impacts all professions, interim management included. However, technology is not everything! The general human competencies will remain highly demanded in the future, above all among managers.

The human competencies still have a bright future, even in a technology-run world.

Technical skills put aside, general competencies will remain something companies are looking for. Human resources experts regularly confirm that the best skills and qualifications can be learnt, but will only have a limited impact if the company does not have leaders able to understand the employees’ motivations, to efficiently communicate with teams or listen to them.

In the end, it is the companies that have been able to combine the best “technical” skills with teams that demonstrate “emotional” intelligence that will be able to secure a competitive advantage.

Consequently, a good manager, interim or not, must demonstrate creativity, communication skills, and must be able to collaborate with its teams.

The profiles that will stand out will be the ones of those able to find solutions to the company’s situations but above all to explain why these solutions are the ones the company needs to implement and how they should be implemented.