Marcin J: Interim Management Always Provides The Excitement of a Fresh New Start

Marcin J: Interim Management Always Provides The Excitement of a Fresh New Start

Marcin Jasinski is a result driven and passionate leader, experienced in managing teams spanning industries and geographies. He developed deep expertise in Financial Services, particularly in asset and wealth management, as a result of his track record of leadership and client relationship management.


1.Why did you choose a career as an interim manager?

Choosing to become interim manager enables to bridge the gap between corporate environment and (in)/entrepreneurship. It provides the excitement of a fresh start as well as the impact that a smaller structure can provide.


2.What are the main differences between interim and permanent roles? Interim enables to choose for the biggest impact and most up-to-date products and technologies. Permanent requires more internal politics, stakeholder management and exposure to inefficiency.


3.What are the benefits of working as an interim manager?

The main advantage is surely the flexibility. You can choose when to work and when not to. You also have the opportunity to choose the projects that you’re the most interested in. As interim manager, it is to be able to have a positive impact on the company you’re working for. Moreover interim projects are always really dynamic


4.What are the challenges?

The main challenge is to have to frequently apply for new projects.


5.As interim manager, what qualities and skills do you need?

Interim managers have to be able to demonstrate resilience, flexibility and open-mindedness


6.What advice would you give to someone considering moving from permanent employment to interim?

You need to make sure your results speak for themselves and that you have an economic safety net.


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