Do you have the required skills to become an interim manager?

Do you have the required skills to become an interim manager?

The advantages of the interim management work are multiple, but several key skills are required in order to carry out the missions trusted by the companies. Do you have those skills?

The question may seem trivial, but why choose a job as interim manager? There are several benefits: between a more flexible time management (the freedom to look for and refuse assignments) and a more assertive autonomy. The interim manager is free from all strategic considerations concerning his career and is able to completely focus on his job.

In addition, each mission brings new challenges, things that make them more interesting and diversified.

An essential part of the interim management career is the ongoing formation. The manager constantly benefits from new and enriching experiences and thus develops his technical and practical skills.

Therefore, every interim manager must have the following skills:

Experience: qualifications and professional experience are key factors for the interim management. According to experts, the profile must be able to demonstrate at least 15 to 25 years of professional experience in positions of high responsibility and, if possible, international experience.

Leadership: a transition manager must be able to manage teams in extreme situations. Therefore, a natural authority becomes an essential requirement.

Mobility: the assignments may take place anywhere in a country and even in other countries. The mobility and the total availability become essential qualities.

Availability: the companies looking for an interim manager are often in emergency situations and need a manager who is 100% operational very quickly.

Goals and results: the transition manager must be able to decide which solutions generate the most results.